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"Opera" is an Italian word that has become international, used nowadays in all the languages of the world. Today it has a broader meaning: it is the product or result of exceptional artistic or intellectual work. Its rounded sound, easy to pronounce by a speaker of any language, seems to want to encapsulate the artistic sensitivity that characterizes the history of Italy: the sense of beauty and quality, talent and imagination.

So out of all that is art, there is born in Italy, the home of opera, Wedding in Opera, or the chance to experience your wedding in a totally new way, giving it its own distinctive character using a wide variety of artistic forms.

You could choose to get married in the theatrical setting of your favorite dramatic work, or immerse yourselves in an opera, becoming the stars of the most beautiful love stories of all time.

The set design, the location, and the menu would all be researched down to the smallest detail. The two of you and your guests would enjoy a unique, unforgettable experience!

Every single moment can feature a wide variety of art forms: from the painter who captures the scene of your welcome cocktails, almost as if it were a painting by Monet, to the ceremony sung Neapolitan-style, to the choir singing 'Va Pensiero' by Verdi, to the writer who writes a moment-by-moment account of your wedding.

And even stunning surprises with dancers and actors who create unique pieces just for you…

Every type of music and dance and every form of art is possible: from Broadway musical to Verdi opera; from a contemporary pianist to the voice of American blues; from a ballet from Milan's la Scala to modern acrobatic dance. Or perhaps an international comedian, or a great magician; a Gospel choir or a 30-piece orchestra. Why not make your wedding a work of art too? Obviously we would be your "orchestra leaders"!