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Our wedding coordinators at The Opera Wedding, with the "Wedding etiquette" service, clarify any possible doubts you may have about the ceremony. In wedding planning it is important to remember "bon ton" although you can actually overlook some of the more rigid questions of "etiquette" too. It is good taste and good manners towards your guests that shows a certain class: the arrangement of the tables for the reception, the allocation of seats in church, the dynamics of the arrival at the wedding venue, the sending out of the announcements on which the address must be hand-written.

Other examples? The groom must bring the bouquet to the bride on the morning of the wedding, while the bride is allowed to be ten minutes late for the start of the ceremony. Once the ceremony begins, the bride must not wear her engagement ring or other accessories on her hands and arms. The dress must be carefully chosen with her mother… and the bride absolutely cannot wear a veil for her second marriage.