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For people who like to think outside the box, The Opera Wedding suggests unique and unusual venues, for a wedding in complete harmony with the desires and passions of the bride and groom: flying, paragliding or on a private jet, at sea, sailing among the most exclusive localities around our coasts on a sailing ship or a comfortable yacht in the company of the people you care about most, it's guaranteed to take your breath away.

For a more intimate ceremony, The Opera Wedding not only offers monasteries and abbeys with limited access, but also woods and parks, where you can celebrate in harmony with yourself and the

natural world around you, with a touch of magic that will make your celebration unique and unforgettable.

For those who love art, on the other hand, you can even get married inside a museum, accompanied by the works of art that are of deep significance to those who want to have them close on their special day, or amid the ruins of ancient cities like Pompeii, as night falls, when, they say, the spirits of the ancients come out into the open, adding even more weight to an everlasting promise.