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Italy has long been recognized as the world leader as the country of love and passion par excellence, a land that offers landscapes of unparalleled beauty, places where history and art conjure up thrilling perspectives, romantic cities for perfect Made in Italy weddings which cannot but forge unforgettable memories.

From imposing cathedrals to picturesque little churches hidden in corners of the oldest neighborhoods, from grandiose squares to the narrow alleys of medieval times, from majestic parks to adorable secret gardens, from luxurious villas to historical buildings with a timeless charm.

There are any number of Italian cities that stand out as ideal locations for a romantic, poetic Italian wedding. An eighteenth-century banquet in a beautiful piano

nobile, with frescoes by Tiepolo, in Venice, the view over the Grand Canal for the guests as the wedding gondola arrives at the water gate, or the unique colors of ancient Rome at sunset, which can easily be blended with the ocher and old rose of the bridal gown, in a photo at the Roman Forum. Or a reception on the rooftops of Santa Croce in Florence, a city of art and sophisticated designer labels, Verona and its Shakespearean balcony, where Juliet will wait for her Romeo, the old-world charm of the narrow streets of Naples, and the congratulations of its inhabitants as they watch from their windows.

For the professionals at The Opera Wedding every Italian city becomes the ideal setting for the organization of a memorable wedding, for an unrivaled total emotional and sensory experience.