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The Orthodox marriage ritual is a captivating ceremony of great symbolic value, given that marriage is one of the most significant sacraments, just as in the Catholic faith, binding a man and a woman together forever before God.

The liturgy celebrated by the Orthodox priest uses a very old set of rituals, marked out by the recurring theme of the number three, the symbol of the Trinity, and by two main moments in the ceremony, known as "the betrothal" and "the coronation", in which the bride and groom move together in a very evocative sort of dance.

Here too bureaucratic procedures result in obligations and schedules that must be coordinated between the religious and civil authorities, even if for the Orthodox wedding, in contrast to a Catholic

wedding, there is no compulsory pre-wedding course, just the requirement to produce a certificate of baptism.

It's important to plan Orthodox weddings well in advance, as there are some periods of the year, for example some feast days, when weddings cannot take place, this is also true of some days of the week, such as Wednesday and Friday.

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