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There are customs and rituals connected to marriage that it is right to recognize, and among these are the customary bachelor party and bachelorette party, happy times to share with others that are now part of wedding tradition.

Whether they are three days abroad for a bachelor party, a sailboat trip with a private DJ and a seafood supper on the beach for a bachelorette party, or an outdoor pre-wedding party, like in the famous musical Mamma mia, or a wellness/relaxation break so as to be at your most serene when you get to

the ceremony: there are lots of bachelor and bachelorette party ideas, and some very original ones.

The Opera Wedding offers its long experience in the field of events organization and entertainment to plan and put on these celebratory events, advising you on the most suitable locations and planning your unforgettable parties with your friends in detail, leaving you to have fun and feel completely carefree.