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Wine. No other drink has ever had so much power and such unique identities, the ability to call up myths and thousand-year-old passions, among cultures of ancient peoples who well knew how to enjoy the joys of the earth. Tradition, centuries-old knowhow, love for one's country and its most precious fruits, are therefore the priceless values that have always made, wine, wine cellars and vineyards an integral part of Italian culture, and that confirm the essential role they have to play in the happiest social occasions, and above all weddings.

The most famous and characteristic wine cellars, the vineyards that mark out the most enchanting perspectives of the Italian landscape, made of gentle inclines and sunny slopes, become the perfect setting for an event with an ancient flavor and timeless charm, that you can devise and have created as you feel inclined, letting yourself be guided by knowledgeable professionals and relying on connoisseurs for advice.

All this is "Opera Wine Wedding", the brand that delivers a unique wedding in the name of wine and its localities.

The best Resorts of Europe, from the chateaux of Burgundy to the Langhe hills in Piedmont, from the windy lands of the Ribera del Duero to the enchanting slopes of Chianti Classico. These typical products of the earth and of man's labor will be carried to your table, the goblets filled by expert sommeliers, who will sing the praise of the wine's gifts for those who wish to hear them, and they will tell you all the things they go with best. A simple ceremony in a unique natural setting, perhaps in the shade of a centuries-old cedar of Lebanon, guarantees a relaxed atmosphere for all the guests. What better start for the newlyweds, in communion with nature, part of the very cycle of life, of a new beginning.