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The wedding destinations in Italy: historical villas that are reflected in the water, fountains and hedges, manicured gardens and majestic trees, centuries old, a landscape that stretches between the plains and the mountains: all of this contributes to making weddings at the lake a particularly chic event, in a location that is peace and serenity itself, which can bestow a magical and sophisticated atmosphere.

Among the Mediterranean countries, Italy is the one with the greatest number of lakes, destination of choice for the European aristocracy since the times of the Grand Tour, and to this day a favorite destination for those who prefer a peaceful vacation amidst tranquility and beauty to the often crowded seaside resorts.

Our lakes are the settings for ancient stories, romances and tales of love: so why not write the first page of the book of your own life story against a backdrop that's as unique as this? Let's imagine a ceremony on the jetty in the historic center of Sirmione, on Lake Garda, or a reception on the terrace of a villa on Lake Como, or even a celebration in a monastery nestled among the steep rocks on the banks of Lake Maggiore: The Opera Wedding transforms the most laid-back and evocative landscapes, the wonderful setting for the most famous lakes in Italy, along with the stately villas and castles scattered along their shores, into perfect wedding destinations in Italy for the organization of an unforgettable, sophisticated marriage, in a spirit of romance and elegance.