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Jewish culture has been a part of the history of Italy and in fact of the whole of Europe, having a decisive influence on the shaping of so-called western civilization over the centuries, so much so that in every Italian town there are important historical buildings and ancient synagogues bearing witness to this.

The Jewish marriage ceremony can vary greatly according to the various traditions, and can be held either in a synagogue, in the case of an Orthodox Jewish wedding, or in other settings such as villas and historic palaces, or even parks and gardens, but always in the presence of a rabbi, and only after the bride and groom have shown the "Ketuba", the religious certificate which proves that they belong to the Jewish faith.

The essential elements for a Jewish wedding have been, since time immemorial, music, from the cantor who accompanies the walk to the huppa or bridal canopy, and from klezmer to mizrahi music, and the food that must meet the dictates of Jewish dietary laws, and that can result in a carefully chosen menu, made to measure according to the traditions and particular tastes of the bride and groom.

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