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So much work and research is in danger of being in vain if, on the big day, when the chosen musicians are finally ready to show off their talent, the orchestra director is missing, the person who can bring together all the elements harmoniously and give life to the desired symphony. It is precisely on the day of the wedding that the presence of the wedding coordinator is essential to allocate the right times to each instrument, the right intensity, the correct note, to guarantee that the bride and groom are given the calm they deserve, free from having to worry about anything, letting the professional be the person to refer to for any possible problem that might arise.

It is absolutely essential to rely on the person who, backed up by a wealth of experience gained on site, knows how best to coordinate all of the factors that come together in wedding planning for the creation of a unique day, including weather-related incidents and traffic problems! Just as, during a great "opening night" on which anything might happen it is important that a harp string doesn't break while a solo is being played, it is equally crucial that on the occasion of a banquet the dishes aren't cold when they reach the table. Supervision of the suppliers, like that of the instruments, is essential to ensure the best performance.