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In order for the ceremony to be a complete success nothing should be left to chance, and the choice of jewelry to wear on the occasion of your wedding, as well as the traditional wedding rings, is certainly not a minor detail.

The Italian word for ring is "anello", which comes from the Latin "anellus", or "small circle": a perfect circle symbolizes the union of two people who are in love into one. Gold, on the other hand, represents eternity. Engagement rings and wedding bands have very ancient origins: in the wedding celebrations it became the custom to wear them on the ring finger of the left hand as it is directly

connected to the main vein from the heart, the "vena amoris". The most common styles are the French ring, the Mantuan, the crossover ring, or a ring with a diamond. An engagement ring is just as important as a symbol of a commitment to an enduring promise, therefore the time chosen to give it is very significant.

The Opera Wedding offers its all-round advice using exceptional partners, master goldsmiths and jewelers of great renown, craftsmen and artists who are able to forge unique precious objects just for you and to help you to make the most appropriate choice for the occasion.