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Whether celebrated in a basilica, a cathedral, or in a small church in the country or in a old village marriage rites of the Catholic religious ceremony retain intact, after centuries of tradition, all the values of the sacred ritual par excellence, as well as the spiritual significance of a definite life choice.

The celebration before a priest and congregation comes after a spiritual journey which assumes that both the bride and groom have been through the sacraments of baptism and confirmation, and have taken the obligatory pre-wedding course, at the end of which they will be given a certificate of attendance.

The normal bureaucratic procedures relating to a civil union are strengthened by adding some obligations of a more overtly religious nature, which go towards significantly lengthening the time frame and all the organizational processes of a Catholic wedding ceremony.

The Opera Wedding offers its own valuable advice by working with you to establish the Catholic marriage ritual in detail and to liaise with the various religious authorities to be consulted, ensuring the perfect success of the wedding ceremony in line with your wishes.